Thursday, June 23, 2011

Money Rose in Full Bloom!

IMG_3838This is an order for a wedding that is taking place in August.  It was more difficult to make than expected.  I wanted to make the bloom as realistic as possible but cannot cut or pierce the bills.  The bloom is held together by floral wire.  The calyx and leaves are of course origami!

I’m particularly proud how this rose turned out. 

** Update August 24, 2011 **

I just got a quick email from my client and complimented the rose and presentation.  Their wedding was held on a beach.  It’s a great boost as my last client didn’t like the rose I made for his wife on their first year anniversary I made in this blog post

She even included a picture of the bride and groom with it.  I forgot to ask if it was okay to post it so unfortunately I can’t share how happy they were Smile

Original Post Cont…What I Learned

IMG_3818Use crisp new bills.  Using new bills makes the rose much nicer

Folding with money is more challenging.  They are made with cotton so it’s thicker then what I’m accustomed. 

Have the right tools at hand.  I don’t have wire cutters so it interrupted my craft bliss when I had to hunt for a pair.

There’s downsides to crafts too – I don’t like using floral tape.  When you stretch the tape, the adhesive comes out so it adheres against itself when you wrap.  It makes your hands sticky and took a while to wash off.

New Polymer Bills

It saddens me too.  The day I finished making this rose, Canada Mint announced they are introducing Polymer bills.  They are introducing the $100 and $50 in the next 12 months and the rest of $5, $10 and $20 in 2013.  I don’t know if it’s possible making a money rose is possible with this material. 

Graphics: Canada’s New Money Is Polymer In Your Pocket

I don’t disagree with the move though.  It’s all to fight the counterfeiters and it improves the life cycle while it’s in circulation.  Maybe I’ll be lucky, maybe the rose will look better made with these notes. 


josue said...

can u show me how u do it here is my email address i really love it so i can make one to my wife my name is josue.

Origami University said...

I bet that rose would look very good with one of the old $50 bills. Maybe even a blue one with a $5 bill. But yeah, the new polymer bills definitely won't work for folding something like this which is too bad.