Sunday, January 10, 2010

Origami Marketing Mailer

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Valentine's Day: Colour of Red

Time for self-promotion in time for Valentine's Day!  It's only a month away.  Many of you may think this is a long time from now, that'd be true if you want to buy something off the shelf at the stores.  If you are looking for something unique or makign your own cards or projects as a gift for your special someone, why not incorporate origami hearts onto your cards or as embellishments to your gift?  

My favourite is this Peace Crane Heart.  I've already sold a custom order the day after I listed it on my Etsy store.  The buyer wanted them all red and white instead of the rainbow colours.

For the minimalist: Simple Winged Hearts.  Next year, I'm considering converting these to mini gift tags.

How about these Fancy Winged Hearts as embellishments for your gift to your special someone?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Go Vancouver Store! Favourite Shop: kukubee

Kukubee, Vancouver, BC shop got featured on Etsy's blog this week!  It's wonderful, they managed to quit their day jobs within 6 months of opening up their own small business. 

They run their online shop and Etsy storefront focussing their work based on Kawaii, a method of incorporating cute childlike renditions of cartoons into their design work.

I particularly like their which panda are you zipper pouch.
The owners also have another shop Meowza, which is dedicated to the artist's work itself in forms of prints and jewellery.

I notice that the artwork in this branch of their business is very whimsical and some takes a little enlightenment that my mind is not ready for.  I like the art work.  His tree girl series involke a mixture of feelings, but that's what art is about anyways.