Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enchained Chainmaille Creations – A Change in Opinion

img_6428You know how you form a opinion and after time, you start realizing that you were wrong?  Well, that’s what happened today.  I featured this artist back in December as I really like her chainmail art, but wasn’t a fan of her origami themed mobiles.  I originally felt the cranes took away the beautiful look of her art.  However, she posted some recent photos on her Facebook Fanpage and started a blog.  I realized that origami cranes didn’t take away from her art, it!

What is was is that the  original photos didn’t give me a real sense of the size of the cranes and how small and intricate her chainmail work really is. 

I’m glad she posted more photos.  I have a greater appreciation of her work.

My original post in December 2009


Sunday, June 27, 2010

CSN Stores – An Upcoming Review

Last week, Jessica from CSN Store’s Promotion Team contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing a product review for them.  CSN Stores has over 200 online stores and they sell everything!  If you need office supplies they sell it! If you need shoes, they sell it!  If you need dining room furniture, they sell it!  They even sell tools and generators!

After checking out their site, I got very excited and responded that I’d love to do a review for them.   I’m still narrowing down the list and will review it in an upcoming post.  

Not to side track too much but I have to say that my husband and I spent a lot of time on CSN Stores making our wish lists! I’ll leave you with two great items we liked.  Look at this Outdoor Dining SetImagine the many hours lounging around the table after a BBQ talking the night away with great company!

image Barlow Tyrie Provence Outdoor Dining Set

And this bunk bed!  Both my children would play for hours in a bed like this!

image Maxtrix Kids Twin Low Loft Bed with Curtain and Top Tent

Friday, June 25, 2010

Feature Canadian Shop: Lemonpie

I stumbled upon this shop when I was reading Kym of Herrohachi blog.  Kym mentions her friend Claudia and her shop a few times so of course I had to take a peek!

Their pillows are so adorable!  What I love about these pillows is that they have a minimalistic look to them but yet each screams its own personality.  Gives me a little inspiration for my graphic designs.

il_fullxfull.148379380[1] il_fullxfull.145138409[1] il_fullxfull.145136039[1] il_fullxfull.145138905[1] il_fullxfull.145135619[1]

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don’t Judge a Phone Book by it’s Cover

115100-magic-marker-icon-business-phone4I posted this on my main blog in May 2010.  I thought it might be nice to share my thoughts with you!  Thank you for reading!

Don’t Judge a Phone Book by it’s Cover

Sunday, June 20, 2010

It’s Father’s Day Today!

N5891_d_1My daughter really showed her big sweet heart last night.  We were at the Richmond Night Market on Saturday, it was really crowded so I was holding her hand fairly tight.  Then she just stopped, pulling me back.  Annoyed, I looked back and she was pointing on the ground.  She was yelling, “look, mommy, look! Someone dropped it!”  I realized it was a small Ni Hao Kai Lan Doll.  She LOVES Kai Lan.  I told her pick it up fully expecting her to be so happy finding a prize.

Instead she kept yelling, “Mommy, we have to give it back!   We have to tell EVERYBODY so we can find who lost it and give it back!”  I talked to her asking why it was so important.  “Because if I lost it, I’d be crying.”  I just melted, this showed her true nature.  At that moment, my husband was so proud to be her father.  We turned it in.

What was your proud moment you had with your child today?

It was a perfect thing to happen on the eve of Father’s Day.  We were shopping today so my husband purchased her a new toy to spoil her.  Of course I agreed, she deserved it!  In return, my husband received two father day cards.  The first here was from our niece.  Charmaine from Lucky Charms Card Collection got her to handprint on cardstock and made a wonderful personalized card!

IMG_0036 Of course our daughter made a card too.  I just gave her a sheet of card stock and told her it’s a surprise for her dad, why not draw the family?  So she did!  He loved it!  I’m going to frame it!










 If you are wondering, each one of us are holding flowers.  I love how she drew our glasses, at first, her dad thought she drew her parents “stoned”.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Featured Canadian Seller - Bomobob

Bomobob is a regular poster in the Etsy forums.  He is usually gives feedback to the subject or casual comments.  What really drew me to check out his shop was the familiarity with other Etsians who ‘loves’ in a tongue and cheek way.

Google Analytics and Bomobob!

What a surprise to find out that he’s a Canadian photographer!  Bomobob’s work is beautiful.  Don’t expect me to give any real critiques.  I’m one of those people who thought a cheap $100 point and shoot is good enough, until we brought our first SLR camera.  

My favourite is the zebras.


But a close second is this “I LOVE YOU” one


Monday, June 14, 2010

Rolls By Anastassia Elias

You should check out her portfolio, her work is beautiful.  Not only she cuts miniature scenes from empty toilet roll inserts but she is also a painter and illustrator.

Anastassia Elias's Gallery

My favourite is the ballroom scene.

From the Artist:

I cut the small paper shapes That I stick inside the toilet paper rolls. I use tweezers to Manipulate the paper shapes. I select the paper of the same color as the roll. It Gives the illusion That figures make the paper part of the roll. I need few "hours to make one piece. The Press review of the rolls in Press.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It was my Birthday!

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago!  My husband and family gave me an iPhone 3G.  I love it!  Now I need to get a case to protect it before I’ll transfer the sim card. 

Of course birthdays you usually get birthday cards, but the ones that stand out are handmade.  I got three wonderful handmade cards.

My friend Twyla designed this card.  I know you can’t see it but she used sparkles to highlight the cupcakes.  I loved how she balanced the pink with the brown ribbon.

IMG_0035 IMG_0036

This card was designed by Charmaine from Lucky Charm’s Card Collection.  I know it’s hard to show in the photos, but she overlaid a transparent sheet over the outside of the card which made a very unique layered glass effect. 


 I’ve saved the best for last!  My daughter made this card for me with her father’s help! 


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feature Canadian Seller: The Tiny Fig

n55334183805_5007 I first learned about The Tiny Fig by noticing her iconic winking toast avatar. 

I was at a baby shower last month and one of the organizers had the winking toast pin.  I was pretty excited, but I didn’t bring it up.  I didn’t know the person that well to jump around ecstatically telling him excitedly I recognized that icon.  Maybe he just bought the pin because he liked it. 

Connie at The Tiny Fig started her business as a hobby and it grew into a full fledge business.  I love her pin accessories and she had that winking toast I want to get!  I’ll try to get to one of the local store she wholesales to first to see if they have them.


My favourite items are her bookplates. 

il_fullxfull.136851079[1]il_fullxfull.112932925[3] il_fullxfull.112956751[1]

If you live in the Metro Vancouver area, The Tiny Fig also wholesales to a few local stores here in BC:


And one in the US who also has an Etsy store as well as a brick and mortar store in Stockbridge, MI:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tips for New Sellers.. by Analiese

This Etsy forum post by Analiese Designs originated in 2007 but it’s still going strong.  It was recently mentioned in a Etsy newsletter.  I read this when I first started my shop and implemented a few of her advice points.  I do want to start a newsletter but I haven’t gotten there yet.  It’s really great advice, hasn’t generated a lot of sales for me, but my website and blog hits are up after following some of these tips.

Tips for New Sellers..

Copy and pasted directly from the forum in green:

Tips for New Sellers..

I have seen a lot of posts about newbies with no sales, etc… So I thought maybe I could offer a little advice.  I am by no means an expert, but I thought I would try to help a little by listing some things that I have either heard in the past or do on my own.

Promote yourself as much as possible

Friends, family, co-workers, whoever. Get business cards made up – and hand them out to whomever you can. I have also heard about people slipping their business cards in with their bills – who knows – it may work. 

Great place for low cost business cards and other promotional items:

Add a new item every day or every other day.

This way the listings come up to a buyer is new listings first, unless they choose to browse a different way. So, in order to make your shop visible – you can add something every day – I have heard that a peak time to list is around 7:00 pm – but I think anytime is good.

Take good pictures

clear and crisp. Try to invest in a digital camera – if you can. Take several shots and pick the best – take advantage of the 5 slots in your listings – or I have seen other sellers use those for other products. Close ups are great.

This software is amazing and easy and works great and it is FREE – it is called Photofiltre – you can download it at Actually I just checked it out and they have upgraded it to Shareware – free for 30 days – - If you try this link – I think it is free.

Customer Service is KEY 

keep in touch with your customers once they make a purchase – let them know you rec’d their order – let them know when it has shipped and leave feedback as soon as possible. Packaging is also important – make it look professional. I use a printed invoice and some nice Thank you stickers – or you can slip in a business card with a little note – make it look nice.

Start a blog or another website

I still do not have a blog – but I am looking into it. I do have another website that does not do that much business – but it is my own URL and I list special events there, and other things – an About me page, etc..

Start a newsletter

I have done this for several months – and I guarantee that it has generated sales. There are several websites that allow you to create and send a newsletter for free – Bravenet is one of them – I use one that has a very low fee called MyNewsletterbuilder. You will of course have to get a mailing list started –I do this on my other website – since ETSY does not have that capability. I actually went through my e-mail address book and added friends and family – on top of those on my other website – I have over 60 recipients.


see what is hot right now – I listed a previous post on Spring Color forecasts – You can go to and see what colors are hot for the spring or fall. See what is in style – see what sells – what the stars are wearing or buying. Look at pricing – there is so much on the internet – I can spend hours sometimes just doing research.

Stay calm, focused and upbeat

Don’t sweat it – you will get sales on ETSY – it is huge right now and growing – there are always people looking. Keep on track – stick to your guns and don’t give up.
I hope this helps in some way – I like to offer help when I can – I think that is the teacher in me. I have been home for a couple days with my little one who is sick – poor guy – so I thought I would use my time constructively :)

If anyone has any specific questions – please feel free to convo me and I will help as much as I can.

Analiese Designs makes these beautiful polymer clay and glass tile pendants

il_fullxfull.89476660[1] il_fullxfull.129407452[1] il_fullxfull.99957087[1]

She also and even sells a tutorial if you want to make your own. 


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Featured Etsy Seller: Fly Trap

I was riveted by an Etsy forum posting on evaluating your position if you feel that your handmade item or artwork has been copied.  I’ve even posted a copy on it on my main blog because I feel it’s valuable consideration for anyone who has an idea and it’s likeness has been copied:

Help! I've been copied!

I like to poke in shops who posts in the forums.  Fly Trap uses simple attractive graphic designs and sharpens their appeal with witty, snarky humour.  There are too many I like, but there are 4 of my favourites.

il_fullxfull.147341974[1] il_fullxfull.147330430[1] il_fullxfull.146466881[1] il_fullxfull.147282167[1]

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

July 10, 2010 - Pin Swap Event: Lucky Charms Pin Collection

6828662Earlier this month, Lucky Charms Pin Collection hosted her second pin swap held at the Killarney Community Centre held on May 16, it was a success!   She had members asking for additional space the day of the event to show case their pins.

She just posted her third Pin Swap Event to be held at Aberdeen Centre.  Please come and visit!

    • Date:          Saturday, July 10, 2010
    • Location:   Aberdeen Centre – 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC
    • Time:         1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Looking for Volunteers

Capture2This would be great opportunity for student interested in pin trading and getting a little work experience.  A little background of expected duties are on the Lucky Charms Pin Collection website.  If you are interested, please contact with you name, contact number and hours of availability to: and title your email “WANT TO VOLUNTEER”.