Sunday, December 20, 2009

Enchained Chainmaille Creations - Vancouver, BC

Another one found through a facebook fanpage: Enchained Chainmaille Creations

This artist's work is quite interesting, she makes handmade chainmaille products.  Unfortunately, there isn't alot of information other than the artist has been making chainmaille for 8 years.   I'm assuming the artist is female based on the photos.   Looks like most of her products are fashion items and jewellry.  Wonderful fashion statements.   Unfortunately, I don't have the right 'look' to wear her items and make them look good :(.  I'd love the opportunity to model the bikini top :), I think it's great!

However, she's not pigeoned holed in her creativity.  I like her origami crane mobiles, however the cranes are drawing attention away from the chainmaille.   Maybe if the cranes were made with Yuzen or handmade paper, maybe with metalic accents to really bring out her chainmaille and make the mobile more 'balanced.'

An artist's medium should be the focus of any work that he or she produces.  If this chainmaille was commericially produced, then the mobile's perfect.  However, studying the photos, you can see it takes alot of skill to make the maille.  Though I love origami, I rather my conversation include, "this?  Yes, it's a handmade!  everyone link is handmade by this artist..."

This is Origami

This is Origami Series - Design by Magdalena Czarnecki from Austrailia

“Empty paperbags, containing simple step by step instructions on how to fold the bag into an origami animal, in order to become a sustainable designer toy in paper. The cost of the bag is directed to the WWF to help save the endangered animal and it’s dying population.”

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Origami Tea Bags

Origami Tea Bag - Concept Design by Natalia Ponomareva in Russia

Friday, December 11, 2009

Countless Visions Sake

Countless Visions Sake - Released to the US Market in August 2009 - Design by Boldrini & Ficcardi in Argentina

Crane Sake

Manotsuru Crane Dry Sake from Niigata, Japan - Design by Boldrini & Ficcardi in Argentina

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Charmed Life Designs - Jacquie Neill

Jacquie Neill is the owner and designer of A Charmed Life Designs.

Jacquie designs bracelets and cell phone charms made with semi-precious stones and silver.  She doesn't just design and handmake beautiful products, she programs each piece to maximize metaphysical properties of the stones to benefit the wearer's needs or wants for his or her well being. 

 My favourite is the Phrenite stone.  I love the aqua blue. 

Chakra: Solar plexus & Heart

Links heart with will. Quiets nervousness, worry and a restless mind. Connects one to the flow of natural power. Heightens; strengthens intuition & accuracy. Aids in decluttering. Protects auric field with divine energy.
I also love this Garden of Love Bracelet, the glass flower beads.

Rose Quartz, Glass & Pewter Beads.
Angel & Faery Reiki Infused

Assisting in: unconditional love with self love being the most important, infinite peace, the best Crystal for the heart chakra.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sneak Attack - Interview

Yay!  I was interviewed as a sneak attack "victim" and they posted my shop on their blog.  They even showcased two of my best items to showcase my shop. 

Check out my interview!  Also check out my original Sneak Attack Blog Entry