Thursday, February 25, 2010

Origami Soap Wrappers by La Compagnie De Provence

Origami Soap Wrappers by TheDieLine

New work from Plastac:

"We've just finished a work for a new line of soaps for "la compagnie de provence" located in Marseille France, here's the concept: one colour per perfume, once opened you can make an origami with the paper, instructions are inside.

Friday, February 19, 2010

All in Good Health

Yesterday, I made a rush order of origami cranes for a couple who made a special trip to Vancouver so they can visit a sick friend.  They found out last night and furiously looked for a local person to buy cranes.  They found me and I contacted them this morning.  Years ago, a daughter of a close friend was very sick, near death.  A Japanese student they were hosting made that girl a few cranes as a gift.  That girl recovered and is now a 35 year old healthy woman.  Now they have a friend whose son is also very sick and another who has cancer.  They requested 2 sets of cranes for them to wish them to get well too. 

I made the cranes and packaged them in gift bags.  I wanted to make even nicer ones but given the time frame, I did the best I could, and they were grateful. 

Today, they called to personally thank me for them and the cranes are proudly displayed at their friend's bedside.  I'm honoured that that I had a small part in this boy's and his family's life.

It got me thinking, what other artisns out there produced products to wish others good health? 

Lucky Jade Bracelet (Health and Peace) by cherryhsia

Ceramic Wish Pendents by RockefellerJewelry

Calligraphy Charm Pendant - Good Health by Kay Seurat

Health and Wealth Charm Bracelet by ReduxJewelry

Monday, February 1, 2010

Upgraded my online store web layout

This past few weeks, I've been very busy.  Over last year, I've taken the initiative to learn a little Photoshop, HTML coding and even photography.   Also reading Etsy's online forums and learned some tips and tricks from fellow crafters with their own sites.  When one upgrades his or her skills, one's perception of one's own work also set to a higher standard.  When reviewing my online shop I no longer felt the sense of accomplishment I had when I first launched it 2 years ago.  It was time to update my website layout. The one on the left is my old one.  What do you think?

I wanted to build something that represented how I feel about my paper crafts and referenced the Asian origins of origami but without using an origami model in my logo or banner. After searching I found a wordpress template that was perfect!  I had to convert it with Photoshop but I think it was well worth it. Japan is known for its cherry blossom trees.  The swans were perfect symbolism that represents origami.  Swans and origami both represent:  
  • Beauty
  • Dreams
  • Balance
  • Elegance
  • Transformation

Now that I'm done, time to spend some time on my neglected Etsy store!