Saturday, October 29, 2011

Origami Caravan Project–Auction Oct 25 to Nov 10

Origami Caravan is a volunteer humanitarian effort geared toward children affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.  Read more about the Origami Caravan project here

To raise funds, top origami artists in the world are donating personally folded origami and auctioning them off on Ebay!

If you not an enthusiast but still want to help, you can still donate to the cause!  Please click here and look for the PayPal button.

I could fold some of the models they are auctioning, but it’s different when you own something folded by a world famous artist.

For me, I got my eye on this one, Ren-Jishi (Kabuki Lion Dancers) & Makoto Rose folded by Makoto Yamaguchi

Being Canadian, I also have a liking to Bernie Peyton’s Polar Bear as well.auction_peyton_polarbear[1]

Thanks for reading.  Please let me know if you donate!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today, I’m going to a Wedding!

IMG_5763 copyI have another wedding to go to!  And of course gave me another excuse to be creative with another personal project!

Norman and Tracy have been together for a few years now and great friends of ours.  It’s an honour to make something just for them for their special day.

Initially, wanted to have a personally designed graphic like the one I made for my cousins last year.  After all, I’m focusing on my graphics and really want to show potential clients what I can do! However, my laser eye surgery I had last month prevented me to complete that design.  It took me over a month to allow myself to look at a computer outside of work.  So, fell back on my first love, origami!

My Album 1-007

The doves were my idea, but the ribbon, heart and photo were my husband’s ideas.  I love how it turned out.

Lesson’s Learned

IMG_5757 copy

You can’t simply create a bow with two different ribbon that small.  I had to use a needle and thread.  Took me three tries!  The gem in the middle was actually my cop out so I wouldn’t have to sew a centre.  However, I think the gem actually enhanced the photo.

Some creative projects take two people.  My husband had to hold the ribbon so I can put adhesive on the back

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Earl52 Thousand Crane Instagram Project - Around the World

A few months ago, I posted a review raving about Instagram.  The past few months I’ve been following a feed from a particular user whose user name is earl52.

A few weeks back earl52 started a project to give 1000 personally folded cranes to anyone worldwide.  He never stated it, but I think he just wants to share peace and friendship around the world.  I’ve always thought about doing a project like this, but it’s nice to see someone actually doing it and recording the process through the Instagram feed


If you are a “Instagrammer”, all you need to do is email him and he’ll mail you one.  Please don’t forget to give him thanks for this generosity. 

One thing you notice is that he loves his Starbucks!

Oh if you are looking for me, my user name is CindyHoDesigns.