Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Go Vancouver Store! Favourite Shop: kukubee

Kukubee, Vancouver, BC shop got featured on Etsy's blog this week!  It's wonderful, they managed to quit their day jobs within 6 months of opening up their own small business. 

They run their online shop and Etsy storefront focussing their work based on Kawaii, a method of incorporating cute childlike renditions of cartoons into their design work.

I particularly like their which panda are you zipper pouch.
The owners also have another shop Meowza, which is dedicated to the artist's work itself in forms of prints and jewellery.

I notice that the artwork in this branch of their business is very whimsical and some takes a little enlightenment that my mind is not ready for.  I like the art work.  His tree girl series involke a mixture of feelings, but that's what art is about anyways.

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