Friday, February 19, 2010

All in Good Health

Yesterday, I made a rush order of origami cranes for a couple who made a special trip to Vancouver so they can visit a sick friend.  They found out last night and furiously looked for a local person to buy cranes.  They found me and I contacted them this morning.  Years ago, a daughter of a close friend was very sick, near death.  A Japanese student they were hosting made that girl a few cranes as a gift.  That girl recovered and is now a 35 year old healthy woman.  Now they have a friend whose son is also very sick and another who has cancer.  They requested 2 sets of cranes for them to wish them to get well too. 

I made the cranes and packaged them in gift bags.  I wanted to make even nicer ones but given the time frame, I did the best I could, and they were grateful. 

Today, they called to personally thank me for them and the cranes are proudly displayed at their friend's bedside.  I'm honoured that that I had a small part in this boy's and his family's life.

It got me thinking, what other artisns out there produced products to wish others good health? 

Lucky Jade Bracelet (Health and Peace) by cherryhsia

Ceramic Wish Pendents by RockefellerJewelry

Calligraphy Charm Pendant - Good Health by Kay Seurat

Health and Wealth Charm Bracelet by ReduxJewelry

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