Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Daughter’s Handmade Birthday Cards!

We held a birthday party for our daughter last week!  Originally it was to be a BBQ, but it rained for the first time in weeks on that weekend!  I would love to show you some of the handmade cards she received!

This was was made by our friend Twyla,  I love this card, you can see it’s a popsicle with a yummy bite out it!


These two were handcrafted by two friends who just arrived in Canada a few months ago 

IMG_0055 IMG_0082  









 My brother drew a picture of a cat on the envelope, and he got this animal balloon monkey for her!  Okay he didn’t make the balloon animal, but it’s so cute!  My daughter loves it!

Andrew (1) Andrew (2)







I did have one more handmade card, but I chose not to post it.  I have a personal policy of not displaying my children’s photos.  Charmaine from Lucky Charms Card Collection made this beautiful card and the centre piece was a beautiful photo of my daughter on the front.  She embellished flowers around her photo.  I couldn’t figure out how to post it without taking away it’s beauty.  Thank you Charmaine!

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