Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bulembu: Handcrafted Wall Art

image Bulembu is a small town in Swaziland, South Africa, that was once a vibrant community supported by a local mine.  In 2001, that mining company closed down.  Much of the key infrastructures that supported this community such as hospitals, schools, stores closed or downscaled.  The community fell apart.  This sounds terrible isn’t it?  Well, there are people who cared and wanted to help.  In 2006, a group of developers and entrepreneurs purchased the town with the key intent to restore Bulembu to be again a self sustaining community. 

My company is a funding partner for Bulembu cause, I can’t remember exactly which year, but I think they sponsored this town close to the beginning when the town was purchased.  Over the past few years, we had numerous charity events and donation drives.  My company even give employees the opportunity to go the Bulembu as a volunteer!IMG_0467

This year, the Swazi people wanted to give their thanks.  The Creativity Centre in Bulembu made this handmade advent calendar as a gift!

IMG_0468It was such a pleasant surprise.  The quality of work is beautiful.  I wish you can see it in person. They hand stitched each felt piece; the detail work is amazing.

As beautiful as it was, we didn’t have a place for it.  So, after being displayed for a couple of weeks so everyone had a chance to admire it, we raffled it off and donated 100% of the proceeds back into Bulembu.   IMG_0469

My favourite part are the angels over looking the town.  I didn’t win the raffle, but I wish I did!



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