Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy First Anniversary!

IMG_4376 copyThis was made for a special lady as a gift from her husband for their first year anniversary. 

This rose was made with delicate handmade paper.  I chose this paper because of the boldness of the red and green make the rose realistic.

It was short notice so didn’t get the time I usually get to ‘tweak’ this project.  Being my own worse critic, I wasn’t sure it was up to standards.  However, my client was pleased with it.  I hope his wife like his present to her.

What I learned from this project

IMG_4382 copyIt’s more challenging folding with handmade paper.   Working with it for a rush project was a first for me. 

Don’t doubt.  In the end, the client was happy, even though I wasn’t sure.

** UPDATE – Aug 11**

My client’s wife didn’t like it.  I’m not happy because she wasn’t.  Overall it was the price.  I listed an old rose on my Cargoh store which is much smaller @ $10 and looks like she felt ‘ripped off’.  I don’t blame her reaction.  The photo doesn’t represent how small it really is.

I had to write an explanation on how I price, materials and the fact the rose on my store I’m just trying to destash it prior to my move next year.  Even if satisfies them, it’s disheartening because this is my first unsatisfied customer.  However, what I learned is I should always explain my pricing.  Her husband was in a rush and though he had every opportunity to ask, I should have taken that step.

Origami Money Ring

dollar-bill-ring-160x160Originally my client requested an origami ring.  He wanted to re-propose to his wife.  (Isn’t that romantic?).  The rings I offered wasn’t to his liking.  He did his own internet search and brought attention a common one.

It’s a pretty simple ring so I couldn’t charge him for one without letting him know he could make her one himself.  In the end he asked me.  Since he purchased the rose, I just made him the ring no charge.  If you want to make one yourself, please click here. There’s easy step by step instructions and even a video!

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