Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Earl52 Thousand Crane Instagram Project - Around the World

A few months ago, I posted a review raving about Instagram.  The past few months I’ve been following a feed from a particular user whose user name is earl52.

A few weeks back earl52 started a project to give 1000 personally folded cranes to anyone worldwide.  He never stated it, but I think he just wants to share peace and friendship around the world.  I’ve always thought about doing a project like this, but it’s nice to see someone actually doing it and recording the process through the Instagram feed


If you are a “Instagrammer”, all you need to do is email him and he’ll mail you one.  Please don’t forget to give him thanks for this generosity. 

One thing you notice is that he loves his Starbucks!

Oh if you are looking for me, my user name is CindyHoDesigns.

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