Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today, I’m going to a Wedding!

IMG_5763 copyI have another wedding to go to!  And of course gave me another excuse to be creative with another personal project!

Norman and Tracy have been together for a few years now and great friends of ours.  It’s an honour to make something just for them for their special day.

Initially, wanted to have a personally designed graphic like the one I made for my cousins last year.  After all, I’m focusing on my graphics and really want to show potential clients what I can do! However, my laser eye surgery I had last month prevented me to complete that design.  It took me over a month to allow myself to look at a computer outside of work.  So, fell back on my first love, origami!

My Album 1-007

The doves were my idea, but the ribbon, heart and photo were my husband’s ideas.  I love how it turned out.

Lesson’s Learned

IMG_5757 copy

You can’t simply create a bow with two different ribbon that small.  I had to use a needle and thread.  Took me three tries!  The gem in the middle was actually my cop out so I wouldn’t have to sew a centre.  However, I think the gem actually enhanced the photo.

Some creative projects take two people.  My husband had to hold the ribbon so I can put adhesive on the back

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