Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sneak Attacked!

About a month ago, my etsy shop was Sneak Attacked.  I was sponsered by Stockannette who has an etsy shop of her own.  I was surprised after being graced with 3 sales.  No, it's not much, but it opened me to an audience who really want to support a craft persons like me!  They even have an 'official' website decided to sponsoring new etsy shops called the Hand Made Movement.  The sneak attack is a method to support crafters with a sense of motivation and encouragement.  A sponser will pick shops who have few sales on Etsy and at an appointed time as many people as possible are encourage to view and purchase from the sponsered shops.

I was even featured on a blog by one of sneak attack participants. I think her name is Sandi but apparently better known as the T-Shirt lady :) She purchased a few of my envelopes that I made on a whim with some spare paper that I had lying around.  I wanted to make her more but I couldn't find the same type of paper.  However, I did get some slightly different designs.  Hopefully she'll like them.

T-Shirt Lady's Blog

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