Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Charmed Life Designs - Jacquie Neill

Jacquie Neill is the owner and designer of A Charmed Life Designs.

Jacquie designs bracelets and cell phone charms made with semi-precious stones and silver.  She doesn't just design and handmake beautiful products, she programs each piece to maximize metaphysical properties of the stones to benefit the wearer's needs or wants for his or her well being. 

 My favourite is the Phrenite stone.  I love the aqua blue. 

Chakra: Solar plexus & Heart

Links heart with will. Quiets nervousness, worry and a restless mind. Connects one to the flow of natural power. Heightens; strengthens intuition & accuracy. Aids in decluttering. Protects auric field with divine energy.
I also love this Garden of Love Bracelet, the glass flower beads.

Rose Quartz, Glass & Pewter Beads.
Angel & Faery Reiki Infused

Assisting in: unconditional love with self love being the most important, infinite peace, the best Crystal for the heart chakra.

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