Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to link your blog to your Facebook fanpage

Yes you can use the 'Notes' application to import your blog feed,  however, I wanted to have more control of how the blog represented itself on my fanpage.  There are quite a few blog import Facebook applications, but I like to use Blogtab because it's simple to install so you can include your blog updates within your Facebook profile or fanpage.  Just wanted to share with anyone who is also new
  1. Go to the Blogtab Application
  2. Click the "Add to my page" in the left column. Select the page you want to add the application
  3. Click on "Go to Application"
  4. In field, enter your blog feed URL.  Since I use blogspot, I followed this link.  I used the full site feed since my entire blog is based on my business.  If your blog is a personal business mix, you can have it label specific.  If you don't use blogspot, check with your blog provider on what feed URL you should use.
  5. Click on the "Pages" tab on the right and authorize the fanpage you want the blog to have your feed
  6. Go to you fan page and click the "+" sign and add the Blog Tab.
  7. The blog tab should show up on your page.  If you have the correct feed url your Blog updates should then appear in your fan page just as it does in your profile.

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