Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Cow is Now a Logo!


The founder of his origami club contacted me for permission to use one of my origami projects as the logo for his website.  I was very honoured.  He wanted to use my cow because the club name is Morongo Origami Organization or M.O.O. for short. 

The Morongo Origami Organization is a non-profit group based in Morongo Valley, California, USA.

Thank you Tyler, this is a great honour.

This isn’t the first time my cow got attention, last year I converted the design so they could be used as wedding invitations for a high school friend of mine.  Must be the eyes.


Ann Martin said...

Aw, it really is a cute design... no wonder it's so popular! I would love to see how you did the wedding invitation.

Anonymous said...

i love this..... how do you make it?

Lina Origami said...

Adorei sua vaquinha. Parabéns!!

Anonymous said...

This looks really good! Can u make a tutorial or maybe show where I can find the diagrams pls?!

Anonymous said...

Hello, i'm a french future married. My english is not very well sorry. I love your cow , My wedding decoration is about origami and i like to use your model of cow to make my table place il your right and if you can send me the modèle.
My adress is