Sunday, January 2, 2011

1000 Paper Cranes Mission

Sandy has a personal goal, fold 1000 origami cranes, each with a unique, positive word.  At her leisure, she places them at random places for them to be found, in hopes that someone will find one and if lucky, go to her website.  Please check her out, her mission like a karma pay it forward.  Check her out!

1000 Paper Cranes Mission

I love it when I find out personal projects like these using origami and the primary reason is to spread love out to the world!  I had to look up the word that reflects my personal mission, Happy, which happens to be her first crane.  She left this one in July 2010 at a local library in New Jersey.

1000 Crane Mission1000 Crane Mission

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Chainpixie said...

Wow! This is a great idea. I had a similar one, and I might just have to get on board with it.

Did you know that I made a 1000 paper crane mobile to celebrate the birth of a baby boy this year? It took me 7 months. From it I learned how connected we all are: if it weren't for the hard work and inspiration from everyone in the entire world eventually filtering down to me, it would never have been possible.
Keep up the intentional living and inspired life!! The world is changing!!