Friday, July 2, 2010

Tweaks that Tripled my Takings! by Vintage Scraps

Browsing through the Etsy Forums, I keep seeing this post get bumped near the beginning even after I don’t check the forums for days.  It just got featured on a recent Etsy newsletter. 

Tweaks that Tripled my Takings!

I yet to follow her last advice to go local, it’s one of those things I want to do when I can afford more time to my business.

This is a simple copy and paste in green, directly off the Forums.

Tweaks that Tripled my Takings! by Vintage Scraps

I recently spent some time REALLY tweaking my business, and as the post is titled, have tripled my sales, I believe because of these actions:


(of course!) look at my shop page, then look at my oldest "sold" page, and shudder with horror! Can you see the drastic difference? Buyers certainly have. I have the same cheap camera and amount of natural light as before, but simply discovered the go to my photos right click "EDIT" and "ADJUST EXPOSURE" options.
Good grief, how did I miss that for so long??


that short sentence you get to place under your shop title is pretty important, as it turns out. I searched Google for the most used search words to create mine, and now my items are often found on the first pages of Google, and Google Shopping. Who knew?


Pay attention to those articles, and when MaryMary tells you that Navy, Recipes, and Graduation are the buzz words for May, including them in your listings that pertain to them. These people know of what they speak.


don't just sell to these people, PAMPER them. It's mainly women who shop here, and it doesn't take much to lift our spirits; sometimes just ribbon tied on a package will do the trick! Shipping out as fast as humanly possible is a nice gesture as well.


(I mean LOCAL. You can go loco too if you want, but not in the forums please.) Local meaning, selling in your home town. Check threads about wholesale vs.consignment, how to approach a business owner, etc. and go for it!

I’m not a particular fan of vintage paper myself, I prefer art pieces like these.  Each of this photos are linked to her listings.  Enjoy!

il_fullxfull.139876309[1]il_fullxfull.139639542[1] il_fullxfull.144683787[1] il_fullxfull.130968510[1]

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