Thursday, March 25, 2010

Featured on a blog today!

Had a small feature on Mandy Crandell's blog today.  She loved my peace crane card.  It was featured with several other Etsy artists who also sell origami crane themed products and then followed with a small sample of her photography that features a floating origami crane.

I'm glad she found me, I am very attracted to her work.  Reading her blog, she's a talented photographer.  Most of her photos are bright and vibrant, but yet she's able to catch the moment.  It's obvious she loves what she does and found her calling, something alot of us are still working to find.  I'm honoured that she even considered my card after viewing my photo.

She also have her own Etsy shop selling a small collection of jewellery, accessories and photographs.  My favourite is the french fry ring.

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