Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Professionalism - Your conduct will affect your business

I had creator's block for the past two weeks so I started to read Etsy's forums. I was in for a shock. It's full of threads of frustrated Etsy sellers. 80% of the threads are negative. It's not what they are complaining about it's HOW they are getting their point across to the masses. Many comments are unprofessional, blunt and rude. There is even cursing and political debates. It’s surprising as many of these posters don’t realize that once you post, that comment remains online for everyone to see. A forum post gives a glimmer of insight of who you are as a shop owner. One poster seems to feed off the negative energy to a point that the owner starts several threads in a course of a few days.
That seller I've made a personal note never to purchase from even though the products are beautiful. I feel offended to a point that this shop owner loses potential business from me. I know it’s not this seller’s intention and it's difficult to convey a message behind the wall of the internet. However, Etsy is an online marketplace and whether in person or online, professionalism is important in running any business.

There is a new term out there called E-Professionalism, I’d like to share an article with you:

Also, I just ran across this post from a fellow Etsy seller, elunajewelry, of the consequences of a blog attack she recently experienced and how she managed to discredit the blogger:

In addition, here are three things that I've learned from my career in the workplace that also apply when online:

  • Interpersonal skills are important for any job or business. Demonstrate respect with your peers and your customers at all times. 
  • Your reputation is just as or more important then how well you do your job, or in this case, how well you produce high demand handmade products. Majority of buyers won't purchase from a business with a poor reputation unless there is no other choice.
  • Once it’s in writing, you can NEVER take it back. You never know who is reading and researching on your business. You can turn off potential buyers or encourage competing sellers out to take that business away from you. If you must talk about them, always be professional if you can't be positive
It’s okay to show a little of your personality or quirks when you comment. It’s okay to have an opinion. Just be aware how you want to be perceived. It will affect your business.
Lastly, since this post is my opinion on professionalism, I thought to end it off by featuring some products on Etsy when I search the tag, “Professional.” Have a good evening everyone!

Beanie and Tie One-Z by WeChooseJoy
 Glass Tiled Badge Holder by jewel2jule
Customized Website by mymagicbutton

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