Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enchained Chainmaille Creations – A Change in Opinion

img_6428You know how you form a opinion and after time, you start realizing that you were wrong?  Well, that’s what happened today.  I featured this artist back in December as I really like her chainmail art, but wasn’t a fan of her origami themed mobiles.  I originally felt the cranes took away the beautiful look of her art.  However, she posted some recent photos on her Facebook Fanpage and started a blog.  I realized that origami cranes didn’t take away from her art, it!

What is was is that the  original photos didn’t give me a real sense of the size of the cranes and how small and intricate her chainmail work really is. 

I’m glad she posted more photos.  I have a greater appreciation of her work.

My original post in December 2009


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