Friday, May 28, 2010

Feature Canadian Shop: Herro Hachi

Kym of Herro Hachi first discovered me with a compliment on my origami Etsy Canada late last year.  I was shocked since I don’t really focus on my shop like I should.  Of course I checked our her Etsy shop at the time and found her Engrish shirts so appealing because I completely “get it” as a fellow Asian.  A few months later, Christina of Akane Designs Blog did feature interview and now I’m a great fan of Kym’s work.  I just need to buy one of her shirts at a show since she’s a local. 

If you want to purchase any of her shirts, just click on the photo, they are linked to her shop listings.

Nobody Cares About Your Status Updates


Engrish Menu Tees in Woman's and Men's
il_fullxfull.137184962[1] il_fullxfull.137409017[1]

Fluent in Engrish 



Kym also sells a selection of buttons!  I want one with just her Herro logo in the speech bubble.  If she ever sells them, I’d get one to start a collection.



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