Sunday, June 20, 2010

It’s Father’s Day Today!

N5891_d_1My daughter really showed her big sweet heart last night.  We were at the Richmond Night Market on Saturday, it was really crowded so I was holding her hand fairly tight.  Then she just stopped, pulling me back.  Annoyed, I looked back and she was pointing on the ground.  She was yelling, “look, mommy, look! Someone dropped it!”  I realized it was a small Ni Hao Kai Lan Doll.  She LOVES Kai Lan.  I told her pick it up fully expecting her to be so happy finding a prize.

Instead she kept yelling, “Mommy, we have to give it back!   We have to tell EVERYBODY so we can find who lost it and give it back!”  I talked to her asking why it was so important.  “Because if I lost it, I’d be crying.”  I just melted, this showed her true nature.  At that moment, my husband was so proud to be her father.  We turned it in.

What was your proud moment you had with your child today?

It was a perfect thing to happen on the eve of Father’s Day.  We were shopping today so my husband purchased her a new toy to spoil her.  Of course I agreed, she deserved it!  In return, my husband received two father day cards.  The first here was from our niece.  Charmaine from Lucky Charms Card Collection got her to handprint on cardstock and made a wonderful personalized card!

IMG_0036 Of course our daughter made a card too.  I just gave her a sheet of card stock and told her it’s a surprise for her dad, why not draw the family?  So she did!  He loved it!  I’m going to frame it!










 If you are wondering, each one of us are holding flowers.  I love how she drew our glasses, at first, her dad thought she drew her parents “stoned”.

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