Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feature Canadian Seller: The Tiny Fig

n55334183805_5007 I first learned about The Tiny Fig by noticing her iconic winking toast avatar. 

I was at a baby shower last month and one of the organizers had the winking toast pin.  I was pretty excited, but I didn’t bring it up.  I didn’t know the person that well to jump around ecstatically telling him excitedly I recognized that icon.  Maybe he just bought the pin because he liked it. 

Connie at The Tiny Fig started her business as a hobby and it grew into a full fledge business.  I love her pin accessories and she had that winking toast I want to get!  I’ll try to get to one of the local store she wholesales to first to see if they have them.


My favourite items are her bookplates. 

il_fullxfull.136851079[1]il_fullxfull.112932925[3] il_fullxfull.112956751[1]

If you live in the Metro Vancouver area, The Tiny Fig also wholesales to a few local stores here in BC:


And one in the US who also has an Etsy store as well as a brick and mortar store in Stockbridge, MI:

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