Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Featured Shops - Brag About It & Punky Jane

I've been looking around for something that commerates my children that I can carry with me always.  A reminder for me to do the best for them.  My weakness is unique sterling jewelry because they are always conversation starters.  You should see what I have in my jewelry box :).  I've been browsing on Etsy and found a couple of wonderful sellers.  Money's a little tight to be spoiling myself so close to the holidays.  If no one gets my hint, I'll be definately thinking about these shops in January!

Brag About It
Most of the artist's work are brag pieces.  I like how everything is clean and simple with just one thing about it that makes the items 'pop' with an embellishment item like a Swarvoski crystal, a charm, or even a cute picture stamped right on the pendent.  I like this pendant, who wouldn't want to brag about their children?

Punky Jane

Punky Jane specializes in handcrafted jewellery.  One of the most amazing items is her Mark Your Calendar series.   She offers to mark the day with an oval or a heart.  I read her website and she also could mark the day with a Swarvorski crystal.  For no extra charge, she offers to have a name stamped on the back.

Her prices are a little higher, but it's reasonable considering each one is handcut and stamped.   I'm thinking I would like something like this in a bracelet design.  

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