Monday, November 23, 2009

Regretsy - crafts based on thinking outside the box

Surfing the web, I stumbled upon Regretsy, a blog that dedicates itself of showcasing Etsy items that envokes reaction of silly laughter, strange looks and the gag reflex.  

I love poking through the wares specific to my interests.  I rarely randomly browse, though I wish I do, I would have had hours of blogging about specific items myself.  Don't need to though, April Winchell a.k.a Helen Killer, founder of Regretsy, has done that for all of us. 

Each listing is usually paired with a mean or comedic commentary regarding the listing. 

Alot of the items are a little mature for me to post as I want to keep this a friendly blog.  If you are curious, check it out and let me know what you think?  Let me remind you, these things are for sale and there are people who buy them.  If you are just bored of the traditional, take a look at Regretsy's picks. 

Winchell is a well known comedian and started her blog in May 2009 as an unknown to see where it would take her.  Well, 6 months later, she just signed with Random House to write a book based on her Regretsy blog.

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