Monday, November 23, 2009

Featured Shops: Smeeta & Tiny Warbler

I was reviewing a website for an upcoming craftshow I was thinking of attending.  The first 30 will get a swag bag, but I doubt I'll be one of them, I got a party to go to the night before :)

I traditionally avoided craft shows, the last one I attended had dated products like crocheted clothing or cheap beadwork or poorly made paintings.  However, ever since I joined Etsy Canada, there are so many Canadian artists out there that make crafts that are unique.  It's so refreshing.  And alot of these artists sell at these shows. 

When I shop, I usually go for the unique jewellery or cool conversation pieces.  Now that I have children, I also gravitate on things I'd want to spoil them with.  (aren't I'm terrible?)  With that in mind, two vendors caught my eye just by the picture they used for the Go Craft website


Reading her blog, Rita seems to be a creative free spirit and it shows in her products.  It also shows in her articles, alot of her entries makes me smile. 

Her colourful owl broaches stood out, they are definate conversation starters.   Then I saw her ninjas.  Now I'm so torn which one I like better :).  

Kate Keeler handstitches soft dolls.  These are so adorable that I want them all.  Alas, in a family with young children, these gems are not meant for rough play.  This won't stop me from visiting her booth if I do go.  My favourite is the elephant.  She has lots of other animals.  She has various vendors in brick and mortor shops in BC, Alberta and the United States.  She has her vendors them listed on her blog if you cannot make it to her booth.

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