Friday, November 20, 2009

Million Dollar Craft Ideas by Teens and Tweens

I was watching the show "The View" today.  The panel interviewed two companies started by teen and tweens who simply had an craft idea turned them into million dollar businesses!  These girls were inspiring and lucky have such supportive parents. Alot of parents were have been weary and want to protect their children from the risk and potential disappointment of running a business.
For those who have creative but also business minded children, please encourage them. I personally know the feeling when people doubt your ideas and skills. I had my idea for selling origami and crafts when I was about 14. A pestimistic classmate who looked down on everyone told me, "Cindy, no one's going to buy them." The mistake here was that I believed her! Because of that remark, I shelved the idea for over 15 years.  After stumbling upon online handmade marketplaces such as Etsy, Artfire, eBay, Zibbet etc, I realized that there is a huge market for handmade items including origami.  Initially, I felt I really missed the mark, but then again, you can't live your life in regret.

These are the two business that was featured on the show:

 Snap Caps

The more endearing of the two were the teen and tween owners Maddie and Margo Bradshaw.  Maddie wanted to have unique magnets for her locker.  Her friends liked them so much she made some for them too.  And their business grew from there. 

I got this  picture from their website.  I really love these owls.

It is a bra that you get with some non-toxic markers and you can doodle on it.  The owner, Rachel Segal and her friends started to draw on their new bras and had so much fun doing it.  With her parents support, started marketing this idea.

Not a great fan of the product but you must admire her business sense.

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