Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome to West Coast Origami!

My name is Cindy and I run a small online business called West Coast Origami. I originally started my first online store front in 2006.  I laugh sometimes as I never intended to open up shop.  I was on maternity leave and had alot of free time during baby naps.  So, decided to learn to build a website.  My internet connection comes with a little webspace and found a free html editor called kompozer.   Glancing at some origami I was working on and thought, lets make a mock business site selling origami.  The process took a few weeks and I was happy I learned something new.  I never expected to receive emails and purchases that followed a few weeks completing my project!  My entrepreneurial spirit was stirred and start to research ways to promote my new business.

I found Etsy when I was websurfing in 2007.  I was astonished that there is a huge community dedicated to selling one of a kind handmade products. Elas, I didn't have much time with a baby and going back to my job to manage another online storefront, especially when I never intended to have a side business in the first place.  Now in 2009, I'm on leave for a second time, I took the plunge and opened my own Etsy shop.  Etsy is a great learning platform for me, in the forum, there are many sellers that offer advice to better their shops.

Here's my first sale!  This was 2 hours after listing them:

I was so excited!

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